Gift vouchers

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Gift vouchers and pre-paid cards

Surprise someone with an action-packed experience.

Gift someone a ticket to a world of lasers and team rivalry in one of our arenas on Hybešova street, close to the Brno city center

A gift voucher can be used in the same manner as normal money would. You can give several games to one person or one game to several people.

The minimum value of a gift voucher is 200 Kč, which is enough for one person's two games.

The most popular vouchers are either for 300 Kč, which means three games for one person, or for 800 Kč, which is one game for eight people.

Gift vouchers and pre-paid cards

Something new this Christmas

This Christmas, we are introducing something new - a pre-paid laser game card that can be used in any arena at any time.

Our Christmas pre-paid card can be used from 24th December 2018 and for the price of 499 Kč, you will get 7 games in the value of almost 700 Kč.

The pre-paid card can be used by one person only. That means that in every game, only one entry can be paid from one pre-paid card.

We can also send it to you through post in a beautiful envelope. To do so, we will need you to order it at least 14 days before Christmas (because of the overload of the postal service).

Valid from 24th December 2018 until 31st December 2019.

Gift vouchers and pre-paid cards




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