Corporate team building events

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Corporate team building events

If you want to enjoy a crazy corporate party followed by a two-day hangover and a two-week stomach ache, you will have to earn it! We are offering an action-packed, team-based activity during which you might sweat a bit, but, more importantly, let off some steam.

Corporate team building events
Corporate team building events
  • What better place than a dark arena to shoot your boss or settle some grudges with the office next door.
  • We are able to host corporate team building events for 6 - 60 players.
  • Thanks to our 2 arenas, we can offer a game for 25 players (in both arenas) at the same time.
  • For groups of approximately 30 players, we have a special offer for 2 hours, during which everyone will play about 3 times.
  • For bigger groups, we can rent the whole area for several hours or the whole evening.
Corporate team building events
  • For any event, we are able to provide catering according to your demands. We would suggest combination platters, as their smaller snacks are better suited for the rests between games.
  • We also offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages, bottled beer (Svijany or Starobrno), or Frisco cider. For game-related security reasons, we do not offer liquor.
  • We would suggest spending the activity-centered part of the evening with us and then moving to your favorite restaurant or pub for the rest of the evening, as they will let you properly work on the following day's hangover.
Corporate team building events

Special offers for companies

One arena for 1-2 hours
  • best for companies of 10 to 30 players
  • you will split into teams of 5-7 people and each one will play at least two games
  • there are three 15-minute games in an hour
  • at the end of each game, you will get a leaderboard that you can use to compare results, choose a winner, or the most accurate shooter
Company tournament
  • best for companies of 15 to 60 players
  • as part of the offer, we will organize a tournament for you in accordance with the players' abilities
  • during a tournament, each player will take part in several shorter games and at the end, you will get the leaderboards of the whole event, which will determine the best team and other statistics
  • the best team will be rewarded with medals or a trophy
  • you will get several photos from the event and a framed photo of the whole group
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