Offers for school classrooms

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Offers for school classrooms

Motivate your pupils towards better results or reward them at the end of a month.

We have a special offer for schools. If you come as a whole class at any school day (before 2 PM), each game will only cost 60 Kč per person.

That is almost 40 % less than our regular fare.

An event for a class of 20–25 pupils will take about an hour (with 3 games within the hour).

We have two laser arenas, which means that up to 20 pupils can play at the same time. The event can also be shortened to 40 minutes with only two games for 20 pupils.

Reserve a game for your classroom today. Just tell us, what school you are from and which class will attend the game.

You can also recommend this event to your teacher, just tell us his / her email and your name and we will send him a wonderful invitation :)


Just tell us what date would suit you the best or ask any questions regarding our events for classrooms here.


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